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The History and Usage of Nylon Cordura Fabric

July 30, 2018


Extremely reliable for their sturdiness and durability, Cordura fabric has had a long innings in the garment industry.

Originally developed by DuPont in the year 1929, the fabric is a type of high performance nylon that is combined with other fabrics like ripstop nylon to heavy duty ballistic fabrics, and has been designed as a long-lasting and highly resistant fabric to any kind of abrasions, scuffs and tears. The fabric was also used by the military during World War II as well as in the development of tires. Dyeing the cordura fabric and creating softer versions of it, bought about a lot more opportunities to use it in the making of commercial articles with a number of varied applications.

It is available in a variety of constructions, weights and aesthetics. These variations also include those versions specially designed for tear resistance, light weight durability and colour resistance.

The cordura fabric has a dense weave, but is lightweight and breathable. Having an excellent resistance to scuffing and piling under extreme conditions, it continues to be worked upon, with newer versions having an increased softness making them comfortable as well as stylish and functional. Constructed under highly effective fibre technologies, the fabrics are more durable than ordinary unbranded fabrics. Thus it comes as no surprise that the fabric is much more durable than cotton duck fabric and has three times the durability of standard polyester.

Besides its major merits, it is also water repellent, tear resistant and extremely durable.

There are many major companies in the market that use Cordura fabric to produce various kinds of products. From outdoor gear and work wear, to luggage and bags, upholstery and military units, most industries use the fabric in many different forms.

Besides the above, It is also used to manufacture motorcycle clothing, sporting and recreational equipment, in law enforcement to produce bomb protection clothing as well as body suits, and is also used in high maintenance applications such as car or airplane upholstery.

The cordura fabric apparel should be well looked after and can be machine washed and then dried on a low setting. Equipment like luggage’s, backpacks and other upholstery can usually be spot cleaned with a detergent or any spray cleaner.

Although it is something we don’t often realise mainly because we don’t buy it for our everyday use, cordura fabric is a part of most of the things that we tend to use in our daily lives.


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