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Lean Textile Co., Limited. is located in the silk capital—Shengze Town, Wujiang City, Jiangsu Province, China. We are a professional company specializing in various kinds of advanced polyester fabric, nylon fabric as follows:

Garment Fabric:  Oxford Fabric, Microfiber Fabric,  Softshell Fabric, Hardshell, Taffeta Fabric,  Memory Fabric,  Gabardine Fabric, Pongee, Satin, etc. They are used in Safety Wear, Softshell, Hardshell, Down Jacket, Coat, Uniform, Work Wear, Trousers, Outdoor cloth, Under Wear, etc.

Home Textile: Bedding, Curtain, Sofa, Table Cloth,  Upholstery Fabric, etc. Fabric material brushed, white, solid dyeing, and printing.

Technical Textiles: Tent,  Bags, Covers, Medical, Marine, Industrial, etc. Coated with PA, PU, PVC, TPU, etc. Finished with Water Resistant, Waterproof, UV Protection, Fire Resistant, etc.

Fabric material in home textile and technical textile width range from 150 cm to 320 cm.

Lean Textile hopes to have cooperation with all of the friends at home and abroad based on the principle of mutual benefits and honest trading.

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